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Information to the public

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Our expertise and many years of experience in dealing with pets are continuously processed in our information series "Animal welfare through proper action". In our free brochures, pet owners and animal lovers will find important tips and tricks for keeping, protecting and caring for our four-legged friends.

The pillar "Education & Information to the Public" includes

- Courses at the SUST Academy
- Public lectures
- Education to the public
- Media work on current animal welfare issues in different countries
- Free distribution of information brochures and flyers
- Free distribution of animal welfare posters
- Animal welfare campaigns
- School campaigns
- Creation, printing and delivery of learning material suitable for children in different languages
- School visits and distribution of learning and information material in different countries and languages

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If you'd like to find out more about all the projects in the pillar of Education & Information to the Public by SUST, please access the German version of the website using your browser's translation extension.

The activities of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation are financed exclusively by donations and legacies (no public support).




Attention: Hedgehogs

March 2024

Due to the already spring-like temperatures and because motivated gardeners are disturbing their peace and quiet, many hedgehogs have already awoken from their hibernation.
In search of food or already on the lookout for a mate, they sometimes cover long distances and often cross roads in their search for a partner. Unfortunately, this is why most hedgehogs are run over during the mating season.
Watch out for hedgehogs after sunset and at night, especially in traffic. Of course you can also help a hedgehog across the road: Carry it across the road in its direction of travel and set it down at a safe distance.
Would you like to find out more about hedgehogs? Or make your garden hedgehog-friendly?
Click here for the hedgehog center:
  • Switzerland
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Attention: Hedgehogs
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