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Foundation Board / Counsellor

Der SUST-Stiftungsrat: Ein engagiertes Team von Fachleuten setzt sich für den Tierschutz ein

Der Stiftungsrat der Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz setzt sich ehrenamtlich für unsere Organisation ein. Gemeinsam mit der Geschäftsführung entscheidet dieses Fachgremium über Projektverläufe und wichtige Strategien. Neben den regelmässigen Stiftungsratssitzungen erfüllen diese Fachleute auch zusätzlich noch wichtige Aufgaben.
Auch die ehemaligen Stiftungsräte stehen der SUST nach ihrem Abgang in den meisten Fällen weiterhin als Beiräte zur Verfügung.




v.l.: Dr. med. vet Janina Werner-Heer, Philippe Kayasseh, Susy Utzinger, Dr. iur. Ueli Vogel-Etienne, med. vet. Karen Hammes (ehem. Stiftungsratsmitglied)

Janina Werner Heer, Dr. med. vet.

Janina Werner Heer, Dr. med. vet.

Only fine words can rarely be used to permanently solve animal welfare problems. While it is more strenuous to actively support both animal and human species locally, results are all the more beautiful. As a veterinarian from a technically and materially perfectly equipped country, it is a challenge to do serious work even under rudimentary conditions and with the simplest of means and to help the animals to a better life.
Member of Foundation Board
Profession / current work:
Veterinarian in Winterthur
Philippe Kayasseh

Philippe Kayasseh

During some years abroad I experienced first-hand how much especially abandoned animals depend on our help. For many of these animals, the help is not available at all, too late, or the owners simply cannot afford medical treatment. I am particularly impressed by the fact that SUST provides emergency aid in a number of locations without red tape, but always strives for a sustainable commitment. The aim is to avoid animal suffering in the long term and thus enable countless animals to have a better future. As a voluntary foundation board member, I am happy to make my contribution to this.
Member of Foundation Board
Profession / current work:
Business Economist
Rico Thun, Prof. Dr. med. vet.

Rico Thun, Prof. Dr. med. vet.

Years ago, as President of the Society of Zurich Veterinarians, I was very impressed by Susy Utzinger's various activities in the field of animal welfare. Formerly on the Foundation Board and now as an advisory board, I see a good opportunity to take part in courageous animal welfare projects at home and abroad and to act as a specialist representative for the welfare of animals .
Counsellor (former President of Foundation Board)
Profession / current work:
Veterinarian (retired)


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