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New home for two ocelot ladies

April 2022

The big move is done! 
After months of planning, building, cautiously approaching and observing, the two ocelot females were finally allowed to meet: Gaia and Wayra finally live together! This means that the large cat enclosure financed by the Susy Utzinger Foundation can finally be fully utilized.
The two young ocelots have settled the hierarchy with a few short arguments and are now living peacefully together, with much more space than before. This was a great relief for the whole team of the SUST Oprhan Animal Hospital in Peru! This was the reward for a lot of hard work. Gaia and Wayra can keep each other company and thus live a much happier cat life in their great new home.
Many thanks to all the generous donors and of course to the Susy Utzinger Foundation who made this possible!
New home for two ocelot ladies
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