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When infrastructure needs to be improved...

...the SUST supports structural measures or carries them out itself.



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A new barn for the rescued farm animals of Galati

The rescued goats and sheep in the new SUST animal shelter Help Labus in Galati, Romania, have grown together to a real small herd: 2 goats and 2 sheep belong to our former "farm animals". Always new requests for goats and sheep in need reach our shelter - but unfortunately our stable is full.

For the summer time the old stable on the animal home area is still in order, however, on the cold and wet season, we want to build a new stable for these animals, directly beside the donkey area: A weatherproof accommodation, which serves the goats to climb and romp around at the same time, should sweeten the group's life in autumn and make room for further animal emergencies.

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SUST Crowdfunding
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