20 years SUST
20 years SUST

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Delivery of food and animal utensils

Animal utensils and food for animal shelters since 2001

Every day, animals get into distress - caused by humans, both abroad and in Switzerland. The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation has been working tirelessly for many years to alleviate animal suffering in a sustainable way.

An important part of the work is the distribution of used pet utensils. Whether sleeping and transport baskets, bowls, cloths, blankets, linen, halter, but also food and much more: for many animal protection organisations, supposedly old utensils are valuable things that they simply cannot afford. The material is collected by the foundation, sorted and delivered specifically to needy animal shelters: Around 80 tons of such animal utensils leave our material warehouse every year.



Emergency food aid: Fast and vital help for animals

JEvery contribution saves lives: Please support our food donation campaign!

--> This way to the food donation: https\://www.susyutzinger.ch/Spenden/futter-nothilfe#howto

SUST Food Account:
PC: 15 – 457 322 -7
IBAN CH22 0900 0000 1545 7322 7

Serious feed shortages occur again and again in animal shelters. The SUST Emergency Food Aid is there for animal shelters and their protégés.


1. quick, easy and unbureaucratic: Here you can donate for animal food. The money goes into a special account and is used 1:1 for the purchase of animal food.

2. professional and safe: The SUST selects animal shelters for its support that meet minimum animal welfare standards. Preference is given to animal shelters and animal welfare projects that work sustainably. Of course, emergencies have priority. But also street dog feeding stations and private animal owners in need are supported.

3. fast, targeted, environmentally friendly: The SUST uses it to buy the required food directly on site. This keeps long waiting times, such as delivery and transport costs to a minimum.

4. donate safely: The feed deliveries are documented on the social media channels of the SUST.

Every contribution saves lives: Please support our food donation campaign!

--> This way to the food donation: www.susyutzinger.ch/Spenden/futter-nothilfe#howto

- Many Swiss animal shelters and animal sanctuaries receive regular deliveries of food for their homeless fosterlings from the SUST warehouse.
- SUST Social work for animals gives food and utensils directly at animal boards https://www.susyutzinger.ch/en/Activities/Emergency-help/Social-work
- For feed deliveries in Switzerland we are supported by feed manufacturers and we also accept feed donations from private animal lovers (please send only closed feed bags and cans/bags by mail to Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz, Weisslingerstrasse 1, 8483 Kollbrunn)

- Food emergency in the animal shelters: Many animal shelters feed their homeless animals with leftover food from school canteens, restaurants and hotels - this vital support has now disappeared from one day to the next during the Corona crisis
- Animal shelters are overcrowded: In addition, many pet owners currently give their animals to the shelters for financial reasons or abandon them
- Donation crisis: In this crisis many animal shelters no longer receive donations.
- Animal owners in need: If they can no longer feed their animals, they abandon them. Therefore we also distribute food to animal owners in need

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5 Pillars:
  • Animal Shelter Support
Emergency food aid: Fast and vital help for animals
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