20 years SUST
20 years SUST

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Delivery of food and animal utensils

Animal utensils and food for animal shelters since 2001

Every day, animals get into distress - caused by humans, both abroad and in Switzerland. The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation has been working tirelessly for many years to alleviate animal suffering in a sustainable way.

An important part of the work is the distribution of used pet utensils. Whether sleeping and transport baskets, bowls, cloths, blankets, linen, halter, but also food and much more: for many animal protection organisations, supposedly old utensils are valuable things that they simply cannot afford. The material is collected by the foundation, sorted and delivered specifically to needy animal shelters: Around 80 tons of such animal utensils leave our material warehouse every year.



SUST-Food-Aid: Your aid arrives!

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, SUST feed aid has been highly active: many feed deliveries have already been made to Swiss and foreign animal shelters, thus contributing to the survival of the homeless animals.

Thanks to your donations, we have also been able to deliver feed to the animal shelter Save the Dogs in Cernavoda, Romania.

The world is out of control - a state of emergency prevails everywhere. In these turbulent times, in which the lockdown has been imposed in most countries, animal shelters and their homeless inhabitants are suffering particularly.

The Corona crisis has not only drastically changed our daily lives, but also the daily routine of the animal shelters has been turned upside down. The crisis has hit many shelters around the world hard.
Due to the imposed contact bans, planned activities had to be cancelled and the shelter doors closed for the population. This means that events such as "the open day" cannot take place and reserved animals, which should soon be collected by new owners, have to stay at the shelter indefinitely. As a result of the visit and adoption stop, the number of animals in the shelters is increasing and therefore larger amounts of food are needed. In addition, in many organizations the income from donations is drastically reduced. The foreign animal shelters have to carry several hundred animals through every day, and so there are currently serious feed shortages in many places. Swiss animal shelters are also affected by the current state of emergency and are dependent on donations for feed.

This is where the feeding aid of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation helps: "The donations received on our feeding aid account are used 1:1 for the purchase and delivery of animal feed" explains animal welfare activist Susy Utzinger. The foundation uses these donations transparently, purposefully and quickly. Preference is given to animal shelters and animal welfare projects that operate sustainably and meet minimum animal welfare standards. The feed is purchased directly on site to avoid long waiting times and to keep delivery and transport costs to a minimum. Feed for Swiss animal shelters is delivered to their destinations from the animal welfare warehouse in Kollbrunn.

Every contribution saves lives: Please support our food donation campaign!


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--> This way to the Food-Account: www.susyutzinger.ch/Spenden/futter-nothilfe#howto


1. quick, easy and unbureaucratic: Here you can donate for animal food. The money goes into a special account and is used 1:1 for the purchase of animal food.

2. professional and safe: The SUST selects animal shelters for its support that meet minimum animal welfare standards. Preference is given to animal shelters and animal welfare projects that work sustainably. Of course, emergencies have priority. But also street dog feeding stations and private animal owners in need are supported.

3. fast, targeted, environmentally friendly: The SUST uses it to buy the required food directly on site. This keeps long waiting times, such as delivery and transport costs to a minimum.

4. donate safely: The feed deliveries are documented on the social media channels of the SUST.

Every contribution saves lives: Please support our food donation campaign!

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SUST-Food-Aid: Your aid arrives!
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