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SUST Material collection campaign

Collection of used animal utensils

The material collection campaign launched by the SUST in 2001 is a complete success: countless animal lovers clear their cellars and attics and send their no longer needed material or even deliver it personally. This stunning commitment of the Swiss animal lovers made it possible for many animal shelters in Switzerland and abroad to celebrate a little Christmas throughout the year.

In the past years the material collection of the SUST has grown continuously and has become a valuable instrument for our active animal protection work.

This also includes the special campaigns in cooperation with Qualipet: Once a year during three weeks in September / October, animal owners can hand in their no longer needed animal utensils in all Qualipet branches in Switzerland. Qualipet organises pallets and delivery boxes, prints posters and flyers. When it comes to sorting, disinfecting and repackaging the pallets, we can count on the support of our voluntary animal welfare helpers, some of whom sacrifice several days of their free time. An unequalled action, which is only possible thanks to many motivated animal friends!

Support us with a donation of material! We need:

-> Animal shelter goods for the passing on to different animal homes and animal protection projects:

    Animal feed of all kinds
    Terrycloth linen, towels Blankets
    All animal utensils (please no defective goods):
        Collars, leashes, harnesses
        Food and water bowls
        dog pools
        cat scratching trees
        cat toilets
        horse harnishes
        horse leads
        horse blankets
        transport boxes
        sleeping baskets

-> Medical material for the SUST spay/neuter and aid missions and for the SUST animal orphan hospitals

    All veterinary consumables, for example:
        Needles, syringes, IV catheters
        thread material
        dressing material
        Gloves, surgical clothing
        Agents against endo- and ectoparasites
        infusion sets
        surgical instruments
    Of course, we also gladly accept functional equipment and furniture for our missions and animal orphan hospitals:
        treatment tables
        Heat lamps, heating pads
        insulation boxes
        Washing machines Dryers

-> For our aid and work assignments

    work gloves
    Bandages and other consumables
    rubber gloves
    cleaning brushes
    cleaning bucket
    intact, waterproof tents
    Tools, machines and building materials of all kinds, for example:
    Saws, milling, jigsaws, flex, chainsaws
    Drills, cordless drills, impact drills etc.
    shovels, spades, rakes
    Teeth-feet, crowbars
    extension cord
    Ratchet Sets
    Garden tools of all kinds
    Hedge shears, trimmers, lawn mowers etc.
    Screwdrivers, hammers, chisels, pliers etc.
    Screws, dowels, nails, etc.
    Washing machines, tumble dryers, refrigerators and freezers

-> For our material transports and assistance:

    Petrol vouchers

-> For our administrative work:

    Copy paper
    Office supplies of all kinds

The helpful items can be sent by post or can be delivered to this address by prior appointment by telephone:

Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare
Weisslingerstrasse 1
CH - 8483 Kollbrunn, Switzerland
Pre-registration: Tel. 052 202 69 69

Our opening hours are:
Monday to Thursday 09.00 - 12.00 / 14.00 - 16.00
Friday closed

The materials can also be deposited directly in front of the Foundation outside office hours.



Materials collection campaign for animals in need with great results

December 2017

Kollbrunn, 5 December 2017 - A further chapter in the success story for animals in need has been written: For the fifth time, the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation, in cooperation with the pet shop Qualipet, has carried out a nationwide campaign for homeless animals. Once again, a pleasing amount of material was collected.

For the celebration of the World Animal Day, used pet articles could be handed in again this year in all Qualipet branches for the benefit of the SUST: blankets, baskets, linen, feeding bowls, cat toilets and much more brought over animal friends from all over the country. Utensils, which have become superfluous in some pet owners' homes, but which are urgently needed elsewhere. Thanks to the many donations from animal lovers, 200 pallets filled to the brim were collected.

Hardworking SUST helpers have been sorting, cleaning and disinfecting for days. Approximately 50% of the pallets, which are packed with livestock, go to Swiss animal shelters. The rest is for the benefit of foreign needy and distressed organisations and their animals. Just in time for the cold season, a large part of the mail has already been delivered. The additional winter clothing collection campaign was also a great success and will give many animal keepers great pleasure.



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Materials collection campaign for animals in need with great results
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