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Social work

Help for animals of marginalised people

The SUST social work is aimed at animal owners in Switzerland who are affected by poverty: Many marginalised persons have an animal at their side as their only partner, but can hardly afford to support or even provide veterinary care for their four-legged friends. The SUST cooperates with alley works and animal food banks all over Switzerland and supports these animal owners on different levels:

Feed supplies: The SUST supplies animal feed to its partners for free distribution to pet owners affected by poverty.

Veterinary care: The SUST veterinary surgeons regularly visit various locations in Switzerland. During these missions, first aid is provided and animals are treated, vaccinated and dewormed.

Castrations: The SUST assumes the costs for dog and cat castrations with its partner veterinarians.

Material duties: The SUST supplies animal utensils to its partners in Switzerland so that this material can be distributed free of charge to marginalised pet owners.



SUST street work

Support for animals of marginalised owners

Many poor and homeless people keep animals. However, many of them can hardly pay for the veterinary care and maintenance of their dogs and cats. We take these people seriously in their situation and support them in their care for their animals.

11.1.2016 Animal heart Thun 2 pallets
Contents: Dog food, dog treats, cat food, cat treats

9.2.2016 Lucerne Tiertafel 2 pallets
Contents: Dog food, treats, toys, beds, cat food, snacks, scratching trees, blankets, terry cloth

25.2.2016 Aktion Gassentierarzt Zürich 1 Vehicle load
Contents: Cat food, rodent food, coats, rodent sticks and drops, cat basket, clicker

15.3.2016 Winterthur Tiertafel 0.5 Pallet
Contents: cat food, dog food

2.6.2016 Aktion Gassentierarzt Zürich 1 vehicle load
Contents: Horse rugs small, leashes, collars,  auxiliaries

29.6.2016 Tiertafel Trubschachen 1 pallet
Contents: dog food, dog treats

5.7.2016 Aktion Gassentierarzt Zürich 1 vehicle load
Contents: bicycle trailers, horse blankets, saddle belts, hoof shoes, leashes, clicker, horse food

26.7.2016 Treffpunkt Tier-Mensch 1 busload
Contents: rabbit food, trough, potions, dog kennel, brushes, fly protection for horses and ponies, horse food and treats.

8.8.2016 Tiertafel Winterthur 1 wagonload
Contents: Dog dry food, cat dry food

1.9.2016 Tiertafel Trubschachen 2 pallets
Contents: Dog dry food, treats, terrycloth, blankets, cloths, rodent food

1.9.2016 Tiertafel Luzern 1 pallet
Contents: Dog wet food, cat dry food, treats, beds

3.10.2016 Aktion Gassentierarzt Zürich 1 Palette
Contents: Dog dry food, beds, blankets, 5 baskets, construction material, harnesses, coats

3.11.2016 Aktion Gassen Veterinarian 1 wagonload
Contents: Leashes, Collards, harnesses, clicker, coats, dry cat food

22.11.2016 Gassenarbeit Biel 2 pallets
Via Tante Martha

12.12.2016 Aktion Gassentierarzt Zürich 1 wagonload
Contents: warm winter jackets, sleeping bags, collars, leashes, harnesses

21.12.2016 Gassenarbeit Biel 2 pallets
Via Tante Martha

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SUST street work
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