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The activities of SUST

All over the world, countless animals in overcrowded shelters live sadly or struggle for their survival in wild colonies. Day after day, even today, animals that have become inconvenient are still abandoned, deported or mistakenly kept for lack of better knowledge. The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation contributes with effective means to the fact that animal suffering can be reduced or even prevented sustainably.

This animal welfare work is based on four pillars:

1. Competence Centre Animal Shelter: Animal shelters become high-quality transition stations for homeless animals, where animals are kept and promoted in a way that is appropriate for their species and finally transferred to good new places.

2. Neutering campaigns: Braking the animal misery

3. Education and training of specialists: Specialists are given the opportunity to optimise their knowledge and improve animal welfare.

4. Education of the population: love of animals with heart and mind

These four elements form the important basis for sustainable animal welfare projects.

Those animals that are not yet able to benefit from the effects of this reconstruction work and have been born into a world where they are not wanted need the emergency aid of SUST.

Emergency aid as a basis for sustainable animal welfare projects: saving lives of animals




Farm animals as well deserve professional help

SUST funds the campaign of the GTRD (Large Animal Rescue Service)

The rescue of large animals such as horses and cows requires special equipment and huge effort: Beside the professional and often expensive equipment it needs dedicated and long term skilled experts to free large animals from life-threatening situations with instinctive feeling and huge experience. Quite often these voluntary specialists of the GTRD accept long drives and do not spare costs nor dirt to gentle recover the scared animals. Rescue missions of the GTRD are often complex and cost intensive. While most of the horse emergency cases are covered from insurances, the rescue of a farm animal often raises financial problems for the owners - in many cases the GTRD gets not even paid. However, this does not keep it from continuing saving lifes of farm animals on a daily basis and making every endeavour.

In our opinion such a committment deserves support. Therefore the Susy Utzinger Animal Protection Trust agreed to come up for the rescuing costs of farm animals. Because we think: Farm animals as well deserve professional help!

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5 Pillars:
  • Emergency Aid
Farm animals as well deserve professional help
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