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Workhorses and donkeys

Our help for work horses and work donkeys 

In many countries horses and donkeys are used to carry heavy loads or in agriculture. Their owners are particularly poor and have no financial means for hoof and dental care, let alone for veterinary treatment.
For many years, the SUST has been carrying out working weeks with veterinarians and blacksmiths and thus helps directly on the spot.



Dr. Rosu reports from the mission with working horses and donkeys

January 2021

The region around Galati, Romania, is poverty-stricken - many people live from agriculture. For this they use horses and donkeys.

Because they can hardly afford the food for the animals, a visit to the vet is unrealistic, accordingly, the animals are sometimes in terrible condition. With the emergency aid, SUST often offers these animals the first veterinary treatment. This includes new shoeing of hooves, grinding of teeth and treatment of open wounds or old injuries.

Our partner veterinarian Dr. Ovidiu Rosu reports from one of the many days of outreach.

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