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Workhorses and donkeys

Our help for work horses and work donkeys 

In many countries horses and donkeys are used to carry heavy loads or in agriculture. Their owners are particularly poor and have no financial means for hoof and dental care, let alone for veterinary treatment.
For many years, the SUST has been carrying out working weeks with veterinarians and blacksmiths and thus helps directly on the spot.



SUST emergency aid for working horses and donkeys

Januar 2021

Romania is home to countless working horses and donkeys. These working animals often secure the livelihood of entire families. These families themselves often live under very poor circumstances and can neither afford regular shoeing nor dental treatment and deworming for their horses and donkeys.

This takes its toll on the well-being and health of these hard-working animals: bad shoes, irons that stay on the hooves far too long, parasite infestations and teeth that develop such sharp points that the hard-working animals can hardly eat anymore often bring them to a sad end: animals that are so sick, weak or injured that they can no longer work are unfortunately often abandoned. The purchase of a new animal is cheaper than having the old one treated by a veterinarian.

This is where SUST Working Horse Aid steps in: During our campaigns, we perform much-needed expert dental treatment (grinding the tips of teeth so they can eat again) and shoeing. Deworming and treatment of minor and also major wounds are also performed.

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SUST emergency aid for working horses and donkeys
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