20 years SUST
20 years SUST

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Information to the public

Information to the public

SUST information brochures and campaigns in different languages

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Specialist knowledge for animal lovers - free of charge

Our expertise and many years of experience in dealing with pets are continuously processed in our information series "Animal welfare through proper action". In our free brochures, pet owners and animal lovers will find important tips and tricks for keeping, protecting and caring for our four-legged friends.

The pillar "Enlightenment and information" includes

- Courses at the SUST Academy
- Public lectures
- Education to the public
- Media work on current animal welfare issues in different countries
- Free distribution of information brochures and flyers
- Free distribution of animal welfare posters
- Animal welfare campaigns
- School campaigns
- Creation, printing and delivery of learning material suitable for children in different languages
- School visits and distribution of learning and information material in different countries and languages

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The activities of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation are financed exclusively by donations and legacies (no public support).




10th SUST charity dog military

A complete success!

For the 10th time, numerous dogs and their owners gathered in Rifferswil on May 20 to participate in the annual SUST charity dog military. In ideal weather conditions for dog-lovers, around 240 teams proved their great skill, knowledge and ability at eight posts on the 8.5 km long course. We are very happy that so many people and dogs found their way to Rifferswil and supported us with their entry fees and donations. The total income of CHF 7'220.00 will be used for various animal protection projects of SUST.

Responsible for the great success were:

All participants and their dogs

All SUST-helpers who supported us tirelessly and free of charge:

Yvonne Tschanz (application, ranking)
Anne-Marie Scheier (information desk)
Helene Mühlematter (post 1)
Hanspeter Burkart (post 1)
Manuela Haller (post 1)
Sabina Flammer (post 2)
Frank Flammer (post 2)
Dani Hegnauer (Posten 2)
Patrick Huber (animal rescue service, post 3)
Sandra Müller (animal rescue service, post 3)
Mirjam Spring and her team (street vet, post 4)
Michèle Puppetti (post 5)
Maya Karrer (post 5)
Vreni Trachsel (post 5)
Yves Bachmann & Family (post 6)
Simone Duff (post 6)
Brigitte Volkart (post 7)
Pina Gesuiti (post 7)
Marlon Volkart (post 8)
Lisa Volkart (post 8)
Thomas Korsch (post 8)
Lars Howold (various)
Susy Utzinger (manager, organising committee)
Regula Bieri (organising committee, application, ranking)

- Track photographer Christoph Rothlin
(--> his pictures can be viewed and ordered here, the photographer will donate the revenues from the sale of the photos to SUST:  http://www.agilityfotos.ch/Turniere/2018-05-20%20Hundemilitary/Wohltaetigkeitslauf/)

- Track vet Alexandra Döbeli

- The whole team of Animal Protection Spain Sponsoring Switzerland under the direction of Denise and Jim Kaempf (catering and raffle)

- The main sponsor Vitakraft for the immediate prizes, flags, barrier tape and special prizes for the ranks 1 - 3

- The company Brogle GmbH and the dog trainer Katrin Billeter for providing post material

- The municipalities of Rifferswil, Hausen am Albis and Kappel am Albis for the permission of the event

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all those who contributed to this fantastic event!

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10th SUST charity dog military
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