20 years SUST - Celebrate with us
20 years SUST - Celebrate with us





Animal welfare through correct action

Stray dogs, sick cats and an infinite number of suffering animals on cheap tourist markets cloud the joy of holidays for many animal lovers. Many of them want to help, but don't know how. Sometimes additional information and food for thought are important so that animal love can also be lived properly in such special situations.

Again and again, people who love animals import animals from their holidays into Switzerland thoughtlessly and without any preparation - with fatal consequences: Missing vaccinations and permits as well as couped tails and ears lead to confiscation at the border - and thus mostly to the death of these animals.

In other cases, the supposed "rescuers" soon become disillusioned with their everyday lives after the first high feelings and the once heroically "rescued" foreign animal is suddenly no longer desired: countless of these ill-considered holiday souvenirs end up in Swiss animal shelters every year after the long holidays or are given away indiscriminately.

Helping animals in need is great - and the temptation to take a suffering animal home with you from the holidays is often great. However, such a campaign only makes sense if it really improves the animal's quality of life.

With a poster action the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation makes attentive to this annually recurring problem. Help us, place the posters in a clearly visible place and save many animals from an uncertain future.

--> Here you can order the posters "Souvenirs" and the brochure "Tierliebe am Ferienort" free of charge: https://www.susyutzinger.ch/Shop

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Animal welfare through correct action
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