20 years SUST
20 years SUST





Another poor guy got hit by a car

SUST Animal Orphans Hospital Galaţi, Romania

After he was admitted to our animal orphan hospital, we immediately started his treatment. After his complete recovery he was of course also castrated by us.

We then received the great news that the dear people who brought him to us want to adopt him. They already have a small dog at home and wanted to try to bring the two together. We are very happy that he gets a chance for a new home and so he doesn't have to go back on the street.

A great end to this story thanks to a great team effort.

Many thanks to all

The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation finances veterinary costs, clinic equipment, medicines, operations, therapies, food and care in the five animal orphan hospitals.

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Another poor guy got hit by a car
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