20 years SUST
20 years SUST





SUST Academy - great offers for inquisitive animal lovers

Do you know how to measure the pulse of dogs or cats or when a hedgehog really needs help?

Do you know that bats "see" with their ears?  Can fish count? From November 2019, the SUST Academy will be offering a wide range of exciting and instructive topics, from animal protection law to animal training for pets.

From Saturday, November 2, 2019 it is time again: 12 lectures and advanced training courses on important animal housing topics will be offered at the Animal Welfare Academy of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation. 

Under the slogan "Animal protection by correct acting" the animal welfare organisation accomplishes seminars and advanced training in the winter half-year for specialists, inquisitive anmial protectors, animal owners and animal friends. These courses are offered at favourable prices (subsidized by the SUST). "Many animal protection and animal husbandry problems would not at all only develop, if more specialized knowledge would be present, knows animal protector Susy Utzinger and brought the SUST academy to life for this reason.

Information about the training courses and a registration tool can be found on our website www.susyutzinger.ch under the menu item „Akademie“ (German only).

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SUST Academy - great offers for inquisitive animal lovers
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