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20 years SUST





The miracles of the SUST Animal Orphans Hospital Galaţi, Romania

A christmas tale, No. 23

It is the time of year when we celebrate the feasts of love and joy - we at the SUST Animal Orphans Hospital in Galaţi, Romania make sure that we carry the love and joy in our hearts the whole year through.

We called him Ursulet; a sweet old giant who was brutally shot in a village near Galaţi. He was in terrible shape when he came to us at the Animal Orphan Hospital. Everyone who saw him, including our social media subscribers, hoped that he would recover. Although the gunshot wound had caused great damage to his body, he maintained his great character. He lost an eye and a leg...and we had to spend hours removing bullet residue from his body. His condition was critical and he was slow to recover. During the whole time we were there for him and we always wonder why such bad things have to happen to these good souls.

It seems to be a miracle that Ursulet made it. We are very happy about this and grateful that we can count on your support.

For animals like Ursulet to have a chance at life, the Animal Orphan Hospital Galati, Romania is so important. Your support is extremely important for the preservation of these projects.

Thank you very much for your trust in our daily work! You are all incredible.

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The miracles of the SUST Animal Orphans Hospital Galaţi, Romania
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