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20 years SUST





The miracles of the SUST Orphan Animals Hospital Galati, Romania

A christmas tale, No. 25

Just a few more days and Santa Claus will visit us all. Until then, we present our next case, which is a tenfold miracle. To our wonderful friends, we present only the best.

We called her Mamica, which means mommy. She lived near the biggest factory in Galati. Some workers took care of her as best they could and gave her food and water. She had nothing else.
She had babies, then a terrible car accident, and when she came to our OAH in October, she was very skinny and full of parasites.
Her front leg looked the worst, a huge infected wound. Her recovery was slow and painful for her, partly because of the puppies that kept climbing on her. We could not give her a protective collar, she had to care for her puppies.
Today she is very well, she gained a lot of weight and was castrated free of charge in our SUST animal orphan hospital. The factory workers have tried together to find a home for all 9 puppies - and they succeeded! We are very happy and proud of how this case has developed. The long stay of Mamica in hospital, her operation, the medical care, the vaccination for the puppies ... all this was possible because you support our projects. Another 10 dogs are safe today thanks to you, thank you very much!

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The miracles of the SUST Orphan Animals Hospital Galati, Romania
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