20 years SUST
20 years SUST





Working day on the animal sanctuary farm "Tante Martha" (Aunt Martha)

What a successful saturday for animal welfare

While at the SUST laying hen removal all the feather girls found a home and did not have to go to the butcher's, a large team of SUST animal welfare workers worked at the Aunt Martha's farm in Romont BE. On this day, the dovecote and the henhouse were cleaned, mucked and wiped, a fence that was no longer functional was dismantled and replaced by a new wooden fence and, last but not least, a piece of forest that had been untouched for 30 years was cleared out, freed from poisonous plants and thus made accessible to the large animals Anton and Figaro.

The material necessary for this work was financed by the SUST.

Once again our thanks go to our animal welfare workers, on whom we can always rely: You work in hot as well as cold weather and make it possible for animals in animal shelters and grace farms to live a better, more species-appropriate life step by step. You are the best.

We need your donation so that we can continue to provide this important animal shelter support in the future:


Thank you so much.

Working day on the animal sanctuary farm "Tante Martha" (Aunt Martha)
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