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The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation tackles the animal welfare problem at its roots


The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation provides immediate relief / direct help where animals are in need: Emergency aid is used to help animals in need. In the orphan animal hospitals of the SUST, street animals find refuge and rescue.

On this important basis, SUST is building its sustainable animal welfare work on four pillars:

1. centre of competence animal shelter: animal shelters become high-quality transitional stations for homeless animals, where animals are kept and supported in a way that is appropriate for their species and finally transferred to good new places.

In order to optimize an animal shelter and to bring it on the way of the professional animal assistance, usually years of cooperation and company are necessary. The SUST teams work daily or weekly directly in the shelters. They participate in the daily routine of the shelter and can thus approach the ideal shelter optimization. SUST plans and finances conversions and new buildings. Every year, an additional 100 tons of relief goods leave the SUST's material warehouse

2. neutering actions: braking the animal misery

Neutering campaigns should be carried out nationwide and thus have a lasting effect on the containment of overpopulations.

The suffering of unwelcome dogs and cats is endless in many countries. Neutreing is the only way to reduce the overpopulation of street animals in a long-term and animal-friendly way. Thousands of dogs, cats and other animals have already been professionally operated by the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation in various countries. In this way the animal misery is slowed down, slowly but steadily and sustainably.

3. Valuable know-how: Specialists are given the opportunity to optimise their knowledge and improve animal welfare.

The training and further education of veterinarians, animal protectionists and also private animal friends is an important pillar of the SUST animal protection work. SUST participates in the planning and construction of further education facilities.

4. education and information: animal lovers who know what they are doing

Through education, understanding and expertise is disseminated among the animal owners.

SUST offers public advanced training courses for pet owners and animal lovers and runs information and media campaigns on important topics, as well as free brochures on animal welfare issues.

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