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Animal and Law - Q&A's

Animal and Law - The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation (SUST) answers questions from animal owners, animal lovers and interested parties in an easy-to-understand manner.

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Dogs - Q&A's

My neighbor's dog barks all the time, what can I do?
My dog bit someone, what happens now?
My landlord has verbally agreed to let me keep a dog. Now, after I have my dog already 6 months, I was forbidden in writing to keep a dog in this property. Is this allowed?
My neighbor's dog is extremely fat. Is this animal cruelty?
My dog was slightly injured at the shelter/daycare - who has to pay the veterinary costs?
I discovered a dog in a parked car - isn't that animal cruelty?
My neighbor's dog is always chained - is that legal?
How do I clarify which countries I am allowed to travel to with my dog? And whether I come back to Switzerland?
What is the process of importing dogs?
How many dogs may I keep?
Where does animal cruelty begin?
Muzzle and leash obligation: When applies what?
Walks - how often and how long do I need to walk my dog?

Cats - Q&A's

My cat was injured by a dog, who pays the costs?
Am I allowed to feed the neighbor's cat?
In unserem Quartier hat es heimatlose Katzen, was kann ich tun?
The neighbor's cat is locked out during the whole day and cannot enter the house while its owners are at work. There is no cat door and no shelter for the animal. is this animal-friendly?

Other Animals - Q&A's

A donkey living with horses – is that enough?
Am I allowed to keep a single rabbit?
Reptiles: Do they need holding permits & expert opinions?
Are rabbits and hares the same?
Birds: Do they need owner inspections & holding permits?
I found an injured fox, can I take it to a clinic?
Am I allowed to throw fish into the toilet?
My cleaner released my budgies by mistake, what can I do?

Q&A's in general

My vet made an incorrect diagnosis, the animal is now dead - can I prosecute him?
What happens if an illness is discovered shortly after the animal is taken over, which the seller/animal shelter did not inform me about?
What must a transfer agreement contain?
What action can be taken in the event of a poor husbandry situation?
How many pets may I keep privately?
For which species do I need a permit?
At what point do I need an animal caretaker certificate?
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