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SUST-Animal Shelter Sponsorhip

With its animal shelter support, SUST optimizes and supports the housing and care of animals in many different animal shelters.

However, in order to take good care of these shelter animals until they are placed in a new home, a lot more is needed: the care provided by animal keepers, veterinary care and daily food for the animals, as well as electricity, water and much more, cost money. For this reason, SUST has set up animal shelter sponsorship programs for some of these facilities and thereby finances these expenses.

The monthly contributions are paid by the sponsors into specific Swiss accounts of the foundation and are used exclusively for the care of the animals in the institutions concerned. The contributions can be deducted from taxes as a donation.

There are currently two sponsorship programs:

SUST-Shelter Galati, Romania: Tierheimpatenschaftsprogramm SUST-Tierheim in Galati, Rumänien

SUST-Orphan Animal Hospital Bukarest, Romania: Patenschaftsprogramm SUST-Tierwaisenhospital Bukarest, Rumänien


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