Social work for animals

Social aid for animals of owners affected by poverty

A special commitment is the SUST social work for animals: Many people affected by poverty have an animal by their side as their only partner but can hardly afford the upkeep or even veterinary care for their four-legged friend. This is a Swiss problem that hardly anyone talks about: untreated diseases, lack of parasite treatments and also unwanted offspring (due to lack of finances for neutering) are the sad consequences and affect the lives of both animal and pet owner. Many health problems could be solved in their early stages if these people had a contact person for their animals' problems; however, they and their animals often do not get access to veterinary practices because they lack the financial means, or the people are unwelcoming as addicts. The result of this is: the animals suffer in silence for months or years until they eventually often must be put down.

The “Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz” cooperates with streetworkers, food banks, social welfare offices and integration projects throughout Switzerland and supports these animal owners on various levels:

Veterinary care: SUST veterinarians are regularly at various locations throughout Switzerland. During these missions, first aid is provided, and animals are treated, vaccinated, dewormed and other treatments and minor procedures are performed.
Feed deliveries: SUST delivers animal food to its partners for free distribution to animal owners affected by poverty.
Neutering: SUST covers the costs of dog and cat neutering at its partner veterinarians.
Material donations: SUST supplies animal utensils to its partners in Switzerland so that this material can be given free of charge to animal owners affected by poverty.
Education and prevention: With its well-founded expertise, the SUST (or the SUST veterinary team on consultation hours) educates animal owners about topics relevant to animal welfare by means of brochures or in personal conversations and thus helps to avoid dangerous situations for the animals.

Currently, SUST supports the following institutions:

SUST-animal feed levies

As part of SUST's social work for animals, animal owners affected by poverty can obtain food free of charge from foodbanks throughout Switzerland. These foodbanks are supplied by SUST.


 TASCH Schaffhausen
 Fulachstrasse 84
 8200 Schaffhausen
 Tel. 052 624 50 80

 Wipp Wil SG
 Toggenburgerstrasse 82
 9500 Wil
 Tel. 071 913 53 63

 Tiertafel Rheintal, Heerbrugg / A-Treff
 Berneckstrasse 219
 9435 Heerbrugg
 Tel. 071 722 34 55

 Tiertafel Rheintal, Altstätten
 Kriessernstrasse 18a
 9450 Altstätten
 Tel. 071 595 01 90

 Fütterbar Herisau
 Wiesentalstrasse 1
 9100 Herisau
 Tel. 076 703 32 61

 Näpflein füll’ Dich @SUST
 Weisslingerstrasse 1
 8483 Kollbrunn
 Tel. 052 202 69 69
 Opening hours: every 1st Friday per month
 from 9.00 – 11.00 am on registration

 Kirchliche Gassenarbeit Biel
 Mittelstrasse 5
 2502 Biel-Bienne
 Tel. 079 313 42 74
 Tiertafel Trubschachen
 Bahnhofstrasse 14
 3555 Trubschachen
 Tel. 079 358 80 67
 Verein Tierhärz Thun
 Wylergasse 29
 3608 Thun
 Tel. 079 274 21 31
 Tiertafel Chur
 Gäuggelistrasse 1
 7000 Chur
 Tel. 081 868 84 44

 Tiertafel Luzern
 Hofstrasse 16
 6006 Luzern
 Tel. 077 441 50 67
 Opening hours: Thursday afternoon
 Kirchl. Gassenarbeit Bern
 Sennweg 6
 3012 Bern
 Tel. 031 312 38 68
 Opening hours: Thursday 2 to 4 pm
 Only animal food, no acceptance of donations
 Suchthilfe Ost
 Aarburgerstrasse 63
 4600 Olten
 Tel. 062 206 15 35
 Öffnungszeiten: Donnerstag 14 - 16 Uhr

 Zusammen für Alle
 Zürcherstrasse 9
 4310 Rheinfelden
 Tel. 062 206 15 35
 Öffnungszeiten: Montag und
 Freitag 18 - 20 Uhr
 Tiertafel Fütterbar
 Wilerstrasse 142
 9230 Flawil
 Tel. 076 703 32 61076 703 32 61
 Opening hours: on telephone registration

 Tiertafel Kreuzlingen
 Bahnhofstrasse 4-6
 8280 Kreuzlingen
 Opening hours: every 1st Friday pe month
 10 - 12 am / 3 to 6 pm


 Tiertafel Aargau
 Bergstrasse 1
 4813 Uerkheim
 Tel. 079 352 46 70 / 079 346 32 02
Öffnungszeiten: auf Anmeldung


SUST-Veterinary Consultations

In addition to the food donations, the SUST veterinary consultations of the Social Work for Animals are available to refugees and their animals free of charge. This at the locations Biel, Schaffhausen, Kollbrunn, Chur, Wil SG and Olten.

Necessary data for the registration are:
- Name of pet owner
- Complete home address
- Telephone number and e-mail
- Animal species
- Breed (for dogs),
- sex
- Age
- weight
- Reason for appointment
- Is the animal neutered

In addition, the confirmation of social assistance must be sent.

The offer is directed at animal owners affected by poverty and their animals:
- Welfare recipients and/or people with addiction or mental health problems.
- Adults, whose center of life is mostly in the public space, who are not or only partly reached by the other social offers (homeless people)
- Persons or families with low income
- IV- / EO- or other support receiving pet owners

On the other hand, the Foundation does not cover veterinary expenses incurred outside the project.

The prerequisite for participation in the consultation hours is a maximum monthly income of CHF 2,500 for an individual or CHF 4,000 for a family. This is checked by means of confirmation of social assistance or the last tax statement.

Keeping a pet comes with responsibility. Therefore, treatments must also be paid for in SUST consultations whenever possible, but at a very reduced rate. The costs are as follows:
- Vaccination 30 francs (basic immunization 2x30 francs)
- Neutering female cat 50 francs
- Neutering male cat 30 francs
- Neutering male dog 100 francs
- Neutering female dog 150 francs (external procedure)
- Chip and registration cat 20 francs
- Chip and registration dog 50 francs
- Dispensed medicines: cost price
- Antiparasitics: Cost price

The next veterinary consultations will take place on the following dates:
Biel: next consultation on  - tba
Chur: next consultation on - tba
Wil (SG): next consultation on June 15th, 2023
Kollbrunn / Winterthur: next consultation on July 4th, 2023
Schaffhausen: next consultation on - tba
Olten: next consultation on - tba

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