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Spay / neuter campaigns Switzerland

neutering feral cats -
no more killing of unwanted kittens

In many Swiss regions live feral cats, which belong to nobody and give birth twice a year. Normally these kittens become feral and nobody cares about them - in the end such cat colonies are killed with often cruel methods.
It is therefore not enough simply to feed such cat colonies or individual feral cats - real animal welfare is to catch feral cats, have them neutered and then (if possible) release them back into their familiar environment (and continue to care for them).

The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation supports active animal lovers who want to castrate homeless cats.

Our work of the pillar "Spay / neuter campaigns Switzerland" contains:
- Cooperation with veterinarians throughout Switzerland for cat neutering campaigns
- Assumption of neutering costs for farm colonies and feral groups
- Rental of cat and dog traps
- Brochure "Cat castrations = active animal protection"
- Educating the population about this topic through posters and flyers
- Feed donations for feral colonies and farms


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