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Large Animal Rescue Service GTRD

The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation finances the campaign "Even farm animals have earned professional rescue" of the GTRD (Large Animal Rescue Service).

The rescue of large animals such as horses and cows requires special equipment and a great deal of effort: in addition to professional and often expensive equipment, committed specialists with many years of training are needed to rescue large animals from life-threatening situations with a great deal of sensitivity and experience. The volunteer specialists of the large animal rescue service GTRD often accept long journeys and do not shy away from costs or dirt in order to rescue the frightened animals as gently as possible. Rescue operations of the large animal rescue service are often costly and usually involve high costs.

While most horse emergencies are covered by insurance, the costs incurred in the rescue of so-called farm animals often pose financial problems for the animal owners - often the GTRD even has to bear its own costs. However, this does not prevent the GTRD from continuing to save lives of farm animals on a daily basis using all available resources. We believe that such commitment deserves support. Therefore the SUST has agreed to pay the costs for the rescue of "farm animals" such as cows.

Because we think: Farm animals as well deserve professional rescue!


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