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SUST in Egypt: growing animal welfare Success since 2004

Egypt is a popular tourist destination and is known, among other things, for its many street dogs and cats. Most of them lead a hard and often short life: Hunger, disease, road accidents and many other dangers end the lives of many velvet paws prematurely and cruelly.

Since 2004, the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation has been supporting animal shelters and animal welfare organisations in Egypt - setting up projects and constantly bringing new projects and partner organisations on board. On this map you can see the animal welfare projects supported by SUST.

SUST is working intensively at many levels to find sustainable solutions to animal welfare problems on the ground.

Also here, this animal welfare work is based on four pillars:


1. animal shelter support: helping people to help themselves

The SUST plans and carries out animal shelter optimisations, finances animal food, finances and carries out renovations.

2. spay and neuter campaigns: Reducing the misery of animals

Together with its partner projects and veterinarians in Egypt, the SUST carries out extensive spay and neuter campaigns and finances these operations. In addition, SUST teams in Egypt carry out neutering operations in various localities.

3. training and further education of specialists: Tackling the root of the problem

Young vets are currently being trained at the SUST animal orphan hospital in Hurghada. In addition, the Egyptian SUST team trains vets on site during various missions.

4. educating the public: loving animals with heart and mind

SUST information brochures and children's booklets are also available in Arabic.
The SUST team in Egypt is also heavily involved in raising awareness about rabies and is actively involved in the government's plan for a rabies-free country by 2030.

These four pillars are based on emergency aid for animals in need: sick and injured strays are treated, operated on and nursed back to health free of charge and professionally at the SUST orphan animal hospital in Hurghada. Even destitute pet owners can find help for their animals in need here.

In addition to emergency cases, neutering is also carried out daily: In this way, the overpopulation of street cats in this Egyptian city is contained in an animal-friendly and sustainable manner. SUST also finances rabies vaccinations, emergency food deliveries and various materials on site.


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