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Distribution of Animal Food


To support refugees with their animals, SUST offers free food drops and veterinary consultations.

As part of SUST's social work for animals, refugees from Ukraine can obtain food free of charge from food distribution points throughout Switzerland. These food banks are supplied by SUST.
TASCH Schaffhausen
Fulachstrasse 84
8200 Schaffhausen
Phone 052 624 50 80
Opening hours to follow

Wipp Wil SG
Toggenburgerstrasse 82
9500 Wil
Phone 071 913 53 63
Opening hours to follow

Tiertafel Rheintal, Heerbrugg / A-Treff
Berneckstrasse 219
9435 Heerbrugg
Phone 071 722 34 55
Opening hours to follow

Tiertafel Rheintal, Altstätten
Kriessernstrasse 18a
9450 Altstätten
Phone 071 595 01 90
Opening hours to follow

Fütterbar Herisau
Wiesentalstrasse 1
9100 Herisau
Phone 076 703 32 61
Opening hours to follow

Näpflein füll’ Dich @Susy Utzinger Stiftung für Tierschutz
Weisslingerstrasse 1
8483 Kollbrunn
Phone 052 202 69 69
Opening hours: Every 1st Friday of the month or by appointment

Kirchliche Gassenarbeit Biel
Mittelstrasse 5
2502 Biel-Bienne
Tel. 079 313 42 74
Öffnungszeiten: bis 3.5.2022 nur auf telefonische Anmeldung

Tiertafel Trubschachen
Bahnhofstrasse 14
3555 Trubschachen
Phone 079 358 80 67
Opening hours by appointment

Verein Tierhärz Thun
Wylergasse 29
3608 Thun
Phone 079 274 21 31
Opening hours by appointment

Tiertafel Chur
Gäuggelistrasse 1
7000 Chur
Phone 081 868 84 44
Opening hours to follow

Tiertafel Luzern
Hofstrasse 16
6006 Luzern
Phone 077 441 50 67
Opening hours: Thursday afternoon

Kirchl. Gassenarbeit Bern
Sennweg 6
3012 Bern
Phone 031 312 38 68
Opening hours: Thursdays 2 to 4 pm
Only food available, no no acceptance of donations

SUST Veterinary Consultations

In addition to the food donations, the SUST veterinary consultations of the Social Work for Animals are available to refugees and their animals free of charge. This is the case at the locations Olten, Biel, Schaffhausen, Kollbrunn, Chur and Wil SG.

Klick HERE for information and the dates for the next veterinary consultations at the following locations:

  • Chur
  • Wil (SG)
  • Kollbrunn / Winterthur
  • Schaffhausen
  • Olten

Registration via or tel. 052 202 69 69



Animals want to stay with their owners. For refugees with pets, there are therefore various accommodation offers, in which the animal may be taken.

Here you can find accommodation offers from private persons, where you can take your pet with you:

The regulations of the federal asylum centers are cantonal and must be clarified in each individual case:

If you cannot be accommodated together with your animal, in many places the animals are usually first accommodated in an animal shelter. Swiss animal shelters have a very high standard and in most cases the animals can also be visited during their stay.
As you can see in this Video of a visit day at the animal shelter Pfötli.


Travelling with pets

ATTENTION!: Adjusted entry regime since 1.8.2023!

The temporary easing of entry conditions for dogs and cats from Ukraine has been lifted as of first of August 2023.
Since this date, the usual import conditions apply for animals from Ukraine.

This means that every animal entering the country must have a valid rabies titer test.

Anyone travelling with their pet should therefore take care of the formalities in good time, as there are many veterinary travel regulations to be observed. Please use the online tool of the federal veterinary office for help.

Important: Please also inform acquaintances who are fleeing Ukraine and are bringing dogs and cats with them that entry into Switzerland is no longer possible if not all import requirements are met.

All current regulations and necessary forms can be found at:
And under "Further information" at:

When entering Switzerland from countries at risk of rabies, more extensive requirements apply (blood test, longer waiting periods, import permit, etc.). Make sure that the conditions for entry are fulfilled. Otherwise you may be turned back at the border.



Further information

The displaced persons who flee to Switzerland with their four-legged family members urgently need support. The Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare has therefore created a coalition with the other animal welfare organizations Vier Pfoten, Stiftung für das Tier im Recht and the STVT (Swiss Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare) to provide optimal support for Ukrainian refugees and animals. The centerpiece is the digital help platform "", where all important information and helpful support offers are centrally bundled.

Here you can get to the website:


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