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Two ocelot ladies get to know each other

February 2022

After the new cat enclosure was financed by the Susy Utzinger Foundation, the preparations in Esperanza Verde are in full swing! What is most important now: the two young female ocelots Gaia and Wayra have to become friends! This is a very slow and sensitive process and one cannot be too careful. After spending time in each other's enclosure to get used to the smell, they now had their first contact - through a grid. The whole thing was strictly supervised to prevent any conflict. But the two ocelots show themselves from their best side: so far there has only been friendly, curious sniffing. If they continue to get to know each other so well, there is a good chance that one day they will be able to share the large enclosure! Since the two cats have had a lot of human contact from an early age, it will never be possible to release them into the wild. How wonderful it would be if they could keep each other company in their new, large and natural enclosure soon!

Two ocelot ladies get to know each other
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