20 years SUST
20 years SUST


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Another castration campaign in Portugal

Our partner organisation ARPA carried out another castration campaign on 23 and 24 November 2019 in the Portuguese city of Grandola on the Troy peninsula: 90 cats could be castrated, vaccinated, dewormed and released back into their colonies. There , they are fed and cared for by volunteers, and in case of illness they are caught and taken to the vet.

Castrations are the only way to reduce the overpopulation of street animals in a long-term and animal-friendly manner. Thousands of dogs, cats and other animals have already been operated on by the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation in various countries. Through this measure, countless unwanted kittens have not even been born. Such actions have a future: No more emaciated animal mothers on the streets, no more famine and no more sexually transmitted diseases that cause the animals to die miserably.

If the number of street animals is reduced, there will be no more cruelty to the unwanted, "disturbing" animals: No more poisoning, no more beating animals to death, no more shooting them. This way, the animal suffering is slowed down, slowly but steadily and lastingly.

Please support us, so that we can continue to carry out castration actions and improve the lives of thousands of street animals: www.susyutzinger.ch/en/Donate


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Another castration campaign in Portugal

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