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Education and training of specialists

The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation's guiding principle is "Let's tackle the root of the problem". In addition to the optimisation of animal shelters and neutering campaigns in Switzerland and many other countries, the training and further education of veterinarians and animal protectionists is an important pillar of this philosophy: The SUST veterinary training courses are known for their quality and efficiency.
Animal welfare activists learn elementary principles for the handling and care of animals and for the management of animal shelters, veterinarians are brought up to date with the latest neutering techniques by internationally recognized colleagues and experience new and important things for the implementation of such campaigns.
This lays the foundation for further successful neutering campaigns to meet the quality standard demanded by SUST: This means that countless unwanted young animals do not have to be born and suffer in the first place. It has been proven that the overpopulation of dogs and cats can only be contained in the long term and animal-friendly by neutering campaigns.

This is what we have set ourselves the goal of our animal welfare work: the problem is being tackled at the root!

The pillar "basic and advanced training of specialists" includes

- Courses at the SUST Academy
- Veterinary training in different countries
- Animal welfare seminars in different countries
- ERFA events in Switzerland
- Internships for veterinarians, students and veterinary assistants in different countries
- Trainee programme for young Swiss veterinarians of SUST and Kompanima
- personal training of experts during SUST operations
- Co-financing of training centres

If you'd like to find out more about other the Specialist Education & Training projects of SUST, please access the German version of the website using your browser's translation extension.
The activities of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation are financed exclusively by donations and legacies (no public support).



Formation of the professional association "Verband Arbeitswelt Tierschutz Schweiz" (Association Working Environment Animal Welfare Switzerland)

The first professional association for professionals working in the field of animal welfare

Anyone who is involved in animal welfare, whether professionally or privately, is often referred to as a layman, do-man of good standing, extremist, self-proclaimed, emotional or even radical. Also "animal welfarists", e. g. if they are active in an authority, are placed in the media or on the part of the animal user federations always opposite the "specialists". This is entirely unjustifiably, because nowadays most of the people working in the field of animal welfare have a sound, often academic education combined with many years of professional experience and thus bring along specialized animal welfare expertise.

The main objective of the Association Working Environment Animal Welfare Switzerland is therefore to establish the occupational profile of "Specialist in Animal Welfare" and to promote the professionalisation of this profession. The association coordinates and promotes the professional and further training of professionals in the field of animal welfare. It is anxious to make the occupation specialist animal protection well-known and thus for the occupation people an improvement of the employment possibilities on the job market to achieve.

Further information can be found at

For further questions please contact us:
Susy Utzinger, Susy Utzinger Foundation for Animal Welfare, 052 202 69 69,
Dr. Gieri Bolliger, Foundation for the Animal in Law, 043 443 443 06 43,
Bernhard Trachsel, Kompanima, 043 255 02 80 (8.30-10.00h),



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  • Education and Training
Formation of the professional association "Verband Arbeitswelt Tierschutz Schweiz" (Association Working Environment Animal Welfare Switzerland)
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