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Shelter and veterinary care for stray animals in Moreni, Romania

The SUST orphan animal hospital (OAH) Moreni gives stray animals in need a second chance: Sick and injured strays are treated here free of charge and professionally, operated and nursed back to health. In addition to emergency cases, castrations are also carried out on a daily basis: Thus, the overpopulation of street animals in this region is limited in an animal-friendly and sustainable way.

Every day many dogs and cats in Romania are abandoned, injured, have accidents and/or fall ill - most of them die miserably without help. Nobody cares about these animals. (Passers-by usually do not take such animals in distress to the vet for fear of the high costs) The remaining animals multiply uncontrollably and provide for numerous, unfortunately unwanted offspring.

In the orphan animal hospitals of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation, street animals find refuge and help! Accidentally injured and sick animals receive veterinary care here, and spay and neutering for dogs and cats are also carried out on an ongoing basis. The Susy Utzinger Foundation organizes and finances the Orphan Animal Hospital in Moreni and covers the veterinary costs, finances medicines, operations, therapies and care.
In addition to the free spay programm and treatments of street animals, SUST is also intensively committed to a sustainable solution of the animal welfare problems on site on other levels: Education and training of professionals, optimization of animal shelters, information and education of the population and promotion of the placement of homeless animals directly in the country.



The strays Ginger and Orange from Moreni (RO)...

March 2023

Ginger and Orange are the names of the two beautiful strays that live near a sheep pen in Moreni (RO). The team of SUST-OAH in Moreni finally managed to catch them last month to neuter them. Thanks to your donations, they were also vaccinated, dewormed and received a flea/tick treatment for free at the same time. This will not only reduce the number of stray dogs, but also prevent the spread of viral diseases such as distemper.
Thank you for your continued support of this valuable and important work!
The strays Ginger and Orange from Moreni (RO)...
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