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20 years SUST





News from the SUST Animal Orphan Hospital Bucharest

Bebelina is a small puppy who was separated from his mother too early and thrown onto the street. She hardly had a chance of survival. We can't understand why people don't take the trouble to neuter their dogs and why they let the puppies down when they're too small to stay alive. As if it were their fault that they were born into this world. 
This little bitch lay whimpering in a bush, dehydrated, hungry, suffering from the heat and very scared because she was all alone. Fortunately, she was found in time by very nice people who asked our team for advice on how to take care of her properly. Bebelina got liquid, was dewormed and is now back home with her new family.

Thank you very much for your donations! If you want to support our cause, we can help more animals like Bebelina to start a new, healthy and happy life.

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News from the SUST Animal Orphan Hospital Bucharest
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