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Please allow more cat castrations in Switzerland

While we like to point our finger abroad, we often forget that there is also a lot of animal suffering in Switzerland. On abandoned factory premises, in allotment gardens and on remote farms, animal tragedies often take place - very often in secret. At these places, countless kittens are born every day, for which nobody really feels responsible and which nobody wants to have. As a rule, they become wild, just like their parents. To find a good home for feral cats is almost impossible, because most people want a cat to cuddle, not one that hides under the sofa for days with its eyes torn wide open with fear. In animal shelters they therefore become permanent guests who are difficult to place and suffer from confinement. If they live in freedom, they are defenselessly at the mercy of diseases, territory fights and killing actions. Many of them are therefore condemned to an early, painful death.

How much suffering would they have been spared if they had not been born in the first place?

It has been proven that castration/neutering campaigns are the only sustainable method to contain the overpopulation of stray animals in a long-term and animal-friendly manner.

Cats that are captured and castrated/neutered and released in their territory claim a territory in their habitat and thus prevent other cats from migrating. A "rehabilitated" population of castrated cats no longer grows and there is no "supply" of feral cats. Thus, the number of unwanted animals is minimized in the course of time in a natural way.

Many Swiss veterinarians support the SUST approach and castrate these feral populations at reduced prices. Last year alone, the SUST was able to finance 520 cat castrations/neuterings in Switzerland in cooperation with 41 renowned veterinarians, thus making a major contribution to the fight against cat misery in Switzerland.

In addition, SUST donates and lends numerous cat traps, gives away transport baskets, bowls and cloths, donates food for feral colonies, gives away SUST guidelines "Cat castration campaigns = active animal welfare" free of charge and conducts educational campaigns on this subject.

The demand for financial support for cat castration campaigns is growing steadily, but the awareness of the immense need for such measures and the willingness to donate for them is negligible.

Therefore we urgently need your help so that we can make at least as many (or even more) castrations possible this year. Please participate in our crowdfunding for cat castrations in Switzerland. Every franc counts!

Incoming donations will flow into this year's budget for cat castrations in Switzerland without deduction and will enable us to continue to have additional castrations.

--> Click here for the crowdfunding: www.susyutzinger.ch/Crow…/Katzenkastrationen-Schweiz


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