20 years SUST
20 years SUST





The miracles of the SUST Animal Orphans Hospital Galati, Romania

I will definitely miss these Advent posts, it was also a nice trip into the past for us.
I have introduced these posts with a few words and would like to end them like this.
So. Once upon a time there was a team of Wonder Women who got together and brainstormed how to help those in need.
That's how the concept of the Orphan Animal Hospital came about. A few years have passed since then and our statistics speak for themselves.
The OAH teams put their knowledge, time, heart and soul into maintaining this concept to help as much as possible. First and foremost it is us who are here - but all those who support and trust these projects have our backs.
We save and change lives day by day because we have you all helping us.
Words are not enough to say how much we appreciate your generous help and trust. The entire team of OAH Galati is very grateful and proud of what we have achieved and looks forward to another successful year in which we will do even more and even better! So, dear 2020, here we come!!
We wish you all the best for the holidays and a happy new year


OAH Director Galati, Romania

We saved the best for last:

Our head vet Bastea Daniel called her Joy, such a wonderful name for a wonderful dog. She had been hit by a car. Her leg was broken and she had a tear in her diaphragm, which was life-threatening.
Our vet did everything in his power to save her life and he succeeded. But this is not the end of this great story.
He outdid himself and gave her a real home - a safe, comfortable home full of love and care for the rest of her life.
Today Joy has a play partner, Luna, and a whole family to look after her.
We are proud of our super veterinarian who is really committed to this concept, we are grateful when he calls us to ask for an animal in his spare time, when he is working overtime, just to make sure that all animals are well taken care of, we are proud that he saves so many lives.
And let me tell you a secret: He is also very grateful that you support his work and have confidence in his experience.
So enjoy our last story, Joy is surely the happiest of all.

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The miracles of the SUST Animal Orphans Hospital Galati, Romania
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