20 years SUST
20 years SUST





Your donations have arrived: SUST spaying campaign

July 2018

Our castration campaigns continue in various parts of Romania, where our help is urgently needed (126 animals were castrated in Oravita and Rupea in July). Rural areas, small villages with so many animals in the farms and on the streets. People cannot afford the cost of such an operation and our work there is a great help both to them and to the animals. It's also wonderful that we have the support of the local administration, together we can achieve great results!

Many thanks to the responsible owners, to the animal friends who take care of the needy, to the local administration, to our veterinary partner Darius Terhes, to the volunteers and of course to our donors who make this wonderful work possible!

Every donation - regardless of the amount - helps us to continue our work.



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Your donations have arrived: SUST spaying campaign
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