Work assignements in animal shelters

When animal shelters need help, the SUST is there for them.

While animal shelters and graveyards fight daily for their existence and take care of the complex care of their orphans, it can happen that important points are neglected in their animal shelter everyday life.

Since 2000, the animal shelter support provided by the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation has been helping where animal shelters reach their limits: It is part of the daily work of the SUST experts to carry out days of work in animal shelters in which SUST teams tackle long overdue tasks, modify or supplement animal shelter facilities, reorganise animal shelter procedures, coordinate craftsmen's work (and bear their costs) and deliver animal feed, animal shelter utensils and building materials to animal shelters throughout Switzerland and abroad.

Here, animal welfare workers use their free time, expertise and strength to help homeless animals.



SUST mission in Galati, Romania

April 2019

In the animal shelter Help Labus in Galati, Romania, built by SUST in 2015, several hundred dogs and more than one hundred cats live. During the spring mission, the SUST team got involved and supported the staff of the shelter from morning till night.

  • Romania
5 Pillars:
  • Emergency Aid
  • Animal Shelter Support
SUST mission in Galati, Romania
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