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Emergency missions

Silent emergency aid - where it is urgently needed

In many cases, the SUST provides direct assistance without third parties ever knowing about it. Expert knowledge, emergency scenarios and plans are set up in no time at all, relief operations are carried out and animal utensils and urgently needed animal feed are delivered - in emergencies, SUST provides fast, unbureaucratic and discreet help.

The aim is to find a way to a better organised and managed animal shelter and to well-founded animal protection work together with animal protectionists or owners of animal shelters, without showing them up. In such cases it is often only possible to proceed in small steps and very carefully.

If animal shelters need help, the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation is there for them.



Large explosion shakes Beirut on August 4, 2020

Beirut shows a picture of destruction


Beirut is a scene of destruction: The Lebanese Red Cross reports more than 100 dead and around 4,000 injured. Buildings were destroyed and considerable damage was caused throughout the city. The scale of the suffering and destruction is catastrophic.
"I was just at home on our balcony. When I heard the explosion, I stood up (it felt like an earthquake), then I was hit by the blast wave and thrown into the apartment with force." Jason Mier from our partner organization Animals Lebanon reports. Animals Lebanon's office was damaged and all the windows were blown out. Animals were injured by the shards of glass. The animal rights activists are now on the road to help people and injured animals.
The need in Lebanon is great: Already during the lockdown we supported our partner organization with urgently needed food donations. Due to this devastating explosion, their precarious situation has now been massively exacerbated. They now urgently need help to overcome this catastrophe and to continue to help the neediest animals.

The Lebanese animal welfare organization Beta Lebanon is also on the streets of Beirut to help people and rescue injured animals. "Our veterinarian Dr. Nidal and his team from Vitallia (animal hospital) spent the night caring for people and dogs, as clinics were unable to accept even severely injured people." report our colleagues on the ground.

Please help us to help the animals in Lebanon

We are collecting donations for the urgently needed purchase of food as well as for veterinary aid directly on site: All donations with the note "Lebanon" will be transferred in full to our partner organizations in Lebanon (Beta Lebanon & Animals Lebanon) for food and needed material.

SUST donation page (please indicate "Lebanon"!):

Website of Animals Lebanon:
Website of Beta:

Bild- und Filmmaterial: Beta Lebanon & Animals Lebanon

Large explosion shakes Beirut on August 4, 2020
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