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Emergency missions

Silent emergency aid - where it is urgently needed

In many cases, the SUST provides direct assistance without third parties ever knowing about it. Expert knowledge, emergency scenarios and plans are set up in no time at all, relief operations are carried out and animal utensils and urgently needed animal feed are delivered - in emergencies, SUST provides fast, unbureaucratic and discreet help.

The aim is to find a way to a better organised and managed animal shelter and to well-founded animal protection work together with animal protectionists or owners of animal shelters, without showing them up. In such cases it is often only possible to proceed in small steps and very carefully.

If animal shelters need help, the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation is there for them.



Support of hedgehog stations

Help for hedgehog stations from the animal welfare storage of the SUST

The hedgehog is a protected wild animal in Switzerland. Many of these animals are in need when they have been injured (by scythes, cars, animals, etc.), young animals need help when their mother has been killed and many weakened animals need support during the winter months. Hedgehog stations do a great job for these animals: These important stations are often run by private animal lovers at their own expense. They care for hedgehogs in need of help, provide them with care during the winter months, give advice by telephone and contribute a great deal to environmental education.

Many different stations in Switzerland regularly receive feed and consumables from SUST.

29.6.2016 Association Sauve qui Pique 1 pallet
Contents: Cat wet food, cat dry food, bed linen, rodent cages, 1 protection hut

30.6.2016 Hedgehog station Frauenfeld 1 Vehicle load
Contents: rodent cages, nepods, shelters, cat wet food, cat dry food, terry cloth

8.11.2016 Asociation Sauve qui Pique 1 pallet
Contents: Cat wet food, cat dry food, dog wet food, dog dry food, dog and cat toys, cat beds, linen, towels, bowls, cushions, cat net, tick nippers, small animal accessories

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Support of hedgehog stations
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