SUST Orphan Animal Hospitals

SUST Orphan Animal Hospitals

In many countries countless abandoned animals live on the streets. Many of these dogs and cats have been abandoned or born as strays. Life on the streets is dangerous and full of privation. Injured and sick animals usually have no chance to survive and usually die in agony and alone on the streets. Often in such cases there is no lack of helpfulness of people who love animals, but of their financial means to have street animals treated by a veterinarian.
The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation set up the SUST Animal Orphan Hospitals to ensure that these animals also receive help in need.
At present, there is one of these institutions in each of the following countries
- Galati, Romania
- Bucharest, Romania
- Hurghada, Egypt
- Bello Horizons, Peru
Since their opening, animals that have been injured or sick have been brought daily to the SUST Animal Orphan Hospitals, where they are professionally treated and cared for. If the animals are healthy and strong enough to survive on the streets after their recovery, they are released back into their territory. If possible, animals with special needs will be accommodated in animal shelters. Fortunately, new places for patients can be continuously found.
The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation finances the veterinary costs, clinic equipment, medicines, operations, therapies, food and care in the animal orphanage hospitals. The SUST often also finances the construction of the corresponding clinic.
The activities of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation are financed exclusively by donations and legacies (no public support).



Difficult Case at SUST Orphan Animals Hospital Bucharest

Pufa is a dog who was probably abandoned on the street because of her old age and her many health problems. A lovely woman found Pufa and decided to adopt her. But then it turned out that Pufa is really seriously ill and needs long-term treatment....

It is lucky that both of them found their way to our animal orphan hospital. Thanks to your support we can give her the treatment she needs.

We estimated Pufa's age to be around 10 years old. Our diagnosis revealed that she was suffering from a skin disease that required three months of treatment with omega oils, vitamins, antibiotics, Advocate and Simparica (the latter two products are used against external parasites). We were also able to do blood tests to make sure everything was okay internally and that Pufa could handle this necessary treatment.

In addition, Pufa suffers from cataracts and periodontitis. These diseases are often found in older dogs. But they make survival on the street practically impossible. We cannot understand how someone can abandon their animal in such a condition after probably having it by their side for years (Pufa was somewhat overweight, so she had obviously been someone's pet).

We are happy to report that Pufa's condition has improved. We were also able to spay her for free because despite her age, she could still get cancer or pyometra (an infection of the uterus) and die. Now Pufa can spend her last years in peace and safety, healthy and cared for by a kind woman who was very committed to her during her treatment.

We are immensely grateful for your support and trust in our cause. Only thanks to you we can do our best to help animals like Pufa to spend their old days in dignity despite everything.

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Difficult Case at SUST Orphan Animals Hospital Bucharest
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