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Neutering campaigns

Neutering campaigns

Slowing down the animal misery: SUST is tackling it sustainably

Hundreds of thousands of street dogs and cats fight for survival in many countries, countless of them are trapped and many of them vegetate in terrible conditions, while new unwanted offspring are constantly being born. The suffering of unwelcome dogs and cats is endless in many countries.
Neutering is the only way to reduce the overpopulation of street animals in a long-term and animal-friendly way. Thousands of dogs, cats and other animals have already been operated on by the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation in various countries. This measure has prevented countless unwanted offspring from being born. Such actions have a future: no more emaciated mothers on the streets, no more famine and no more sexually transmitted diseases, in which the animals die miserably.
If the number of street animals is reduced, no more cruelty to animals will be tackled: no more poisoning, no more slaughtered animals, no more shooting. In this way the animal misery is slowed down, slowly but steadily and sustainably.
The area of the pillar "neutering campaigns" includes:
- Collaboration with veterinarians all over Switzerland for cat neutering campaigns
- takeover of the neutering costs of stocks from farms and feral groups
- Rental of cat and dog traps
- Brochure "Cat neutering = active animal protection
- informing the population about this topic by posters and leaflets
- Discussions with authorities and politicians
- Training and further training of specialized personnel for the execution of neutering campaigns
- Implementation of neutering weeks in various countries by SUST teams
- Financing of neutering campaigns in different countries
The activities of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation are financed exclusively by donations and legacies (no public support).
Donate for the spay/neuter campaigns of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation
These many operations are very effective, but cost a lot of money and therefore we need your help and support: Give hope and instead of the usual gifts, give one (or more) animal (s) the hope for a better life! A neutering gives an animal many advantages and does no longer contribute to the overpopulation of unwanted animals.
Here you can find more information about how you can donate:




Cat spaying campaigns in Portugal

May 2018

Soon the next 100 cats will have been spayed in Portugal, in cooperation with our partner ARPA. A huge success for the local animal protection activists, where cats can breed thanks to the ideal climate and only a few neuterings can be financed.

Spayed cats are better off in every way:

- They do not give birth to unwanted kittens, which are then often "disposed of" in a cruel manner or have a dangerous future as strays.
- They do not have to suffer the strains of giving birth and are therefore healthier and more resistant.
- They do not have to fight for the survival of their kittens under dramatic circumstances and at the risk of their own lives.
- They are more tolerated by the people and are less often driven away or killed.
- They do not suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.


Support this important work with a donation or spaying vouchers. You can order these in our webshop

Warmest thanks for your support!

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Cat spaying campaigns in Portugal
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