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20 years SUST

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Animal Shelter Support

How shelter animals are helped

During the time animals have to spend in an animal shelter, they are entitled to appropriate accommodation (if possible), veterinary care and professional care. Simple wishes, the fulfilment of which is often complex and expensive.
The reorganization work of the SUST supports many different animal shelters and animal welfare projects at home and abroad and contributes to the fulfilment of these factors. In this way, serious and independent animal welfare organisations can grow out of needy associations, which in the future can help countless animals to a species-appropriate accommodation and a new, good home. In order to optimize an animal shelter and to bring it on the way of the professional animal assistance, usually years of cooperation and company are necessary.
This support can have many different faces: sometimes the experts of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation organise a complete rebuilding of an animal shelter, they provide first aid for animals, train experts and carry out castration and aid campaigns.

In dialogue with the animal welfare activists concerned, the restructuring of animal shelters, advice on setting up and managing animal welfare projects and the further training of experts are addressed.
The area of the pillar "shelter support" includes
- Carrying out of work days in Swiss animal shelters
- Implementation of weeks in foreign animal shelters
- structural change/supplementation of animal shelter facilities
- Reorganization of animal shelter processes
- Coordination and financing of craftsmen's and construction work
- Supply of animal feed
- Delivery of animal shelter equipment (each year 80 - 100 tons of animal utensils leave the SUST warehouse)
- Supply of building materials
- Financing of feed and other material
- Provision of emergency and direct help
- Management of the SUST-material collection action
In many cases, SUST provides direct aid without any third party ever knowing about it. Emergency scenarios and plans are set up in no time at all, experts are dispatched and assistance operations are carried out - in emergencies, the organisation provides fast, unbureaucratic and discreet help. When shelters need help, the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation is there for them.
The activities of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation are financed exclusively by donations and legacies (no public support).
With your donation you help to help shelter animals!



Start sponsorship for Peanut taken over by Tanja Spadin - thank you very much!

Peanut has not had an easy life so far and urgently needs a new start! Therefore we were looking for a starting sponsor who would take over the costs for all standard arrangements that have to be made before a new patient can move from the SUST Animal Orphan Hospital to the SUST Animal Shelter Help Labus (Galati, RO) after his recovery.

The sponsorship makes the following possible:

- First examination by a veterinarian
- Micro-Chip and health booklet
- Parasite treatment (internal and external)
- Basic immunisation (combined vaccination KSS)
- Rabies vaccination
- Test for FIV and FeLV (virus diseases)

Also a small contribution to the feed costs in the first period. The costs for the castration are covered by the animal orphan hospital.

Peanuts story:

Peanut was hit by a car and when he was found, he had an open fracture of the leg, which was already so old that unfortunately his leg could not be saved. Since his finders do not want to take him in after all, he has to stay at the shelter. Peanut is a big cuddler and cannot get enough cuddles.

With this start sponsorship Tanja Peanut makes the start into a new life possible.

Many thanks!

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  • Animal Shelter Support
Start sponsorship for Peanut taken over by Tanja Spadin - thank you very much!
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