20 years SUST
20 years SUST





Daily Work at The SUST Animal Orphan Hospital Bucharest

Another day in the big city - too big for such small animals that were separated from their mothers much too early because they had the misfortune to be born unwanted. For irresponsible people it is too much of an effort to have their cat neutered for free, and they get rid of the baby until the next unwanted litter. These poor babies end up on the street where they are exposed to all sorts of dangers, such as fatal diseases, being hit by cars or bitten by dogs, suffering from hunger or being eaten alive by parasites; most of them do not even survive to the age of 6 months. Those who manage will soon have babies themselves and share the sad fate of their mothers.
Here at SUST OAH Bucharest we do not ask about the background of the animal, its pedigree, the profession of the keeper or its social status. We just look and do what is necessary to save these animals' lives. We are not superheroes, but we do our best; when we don't know something, we look for answers, when we can't, we ask for help, but we ALWAYS care!

Please join our daily struggle and support our cause! Decide to be part of the solution and become active today! In the fight for survival of these animals every minute counts.

This is how you can help:

-- > Learn more about the activities of The Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation: www.susyutzinger.ch

-- > Here you can directly support the work of SUST: www.susyutzinger.ch/en/Donate​

Thank you very much!

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Daily Work at The SUST Animal Orphan Hospital Bucharest
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