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A sponsorship helps the entire animal shelter

A good animal shelter is enormously important for animal welfare work. In order to provide good care for animals until they are moved to a new place, however, a lot more is needed: The care by animal keepers, electricity, water, heating as well as the daily food for the animals cost money. These expenses are financed by animal shelter sponsorships in the new SUST animal shelter "Help Labus" in Galati, Romania and the animal shelter Bluemoon Animal Center in Hurghada, Egypt. Who takes over an animal home sponsorship, finances thereby its life in the animal home representative of an animal.

If you decide to support the shelter with an animal shelter sponsorship, you can choose a animal on behalf from this shelter. Thus...
... you will receive news about your animal twice a year
... you will be officially appointed sponsor for the animal you support and will be mentioned on our Facebook page.
... you will receive a diploma for your good deed

What do you have to do to become a sponsor?
It's easy: Look at our photos on our two sponsorship pages on Facebook of the SUST-animal shelter Galati, Romania and the website* of the animal shelter in the SUST-OAH Bukarest, Romania, read the stories about the individual animals, fall in love and send us the link of your animal of choice by private message or by e-mail to with your complete address.

How much does a sponsorship cost?

SUST-animal shelter in Galati, Romania:
A sponsorship costs 50 francs per month for a dog, 40 francs for a cat and 55 francs for a donkey and 50 francs for a goat/a sheep. You can choose whether you want to pay the contribution monthly or annually.

SUST-OAH Bukarest, Romania:
A sponsorship costs 50 francs per month for a dog and 40 francs for a cat. You can choose to pay the contribution monthly or annually.

Of course, your sponsor animal will also be happy to receive additional gifts such as food and water bowls, toys, beds, a personalised dog house, etc.

Project-related sponsorship
It is also possible to take over a sponsorship for the respective animal shelter. This will cover costs for construction, repairs, materials and much more. The costs for an animal shelter sponsorship amount to € / CHF 20 per month.

How is the money managed?
The sponsorship contributions are transferred to two specific Swiss accounts of the Susy Utzinger Animal Welfare Foundation and can be deducted from taxes as a donation. All donations from sponsorships exclusively benefit the animals in the respective animal shelter.

If you decide to support these sponsorship programmes, you will not only help one animal, but also the two shelters to keep themselves and their hundreds of animals afloat. For this we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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All 3 puppies have received a starting sponsorship

February 2024

Puppies are adorable, there's no doubt about that. And yet their joy is limited when our colleagues in Galati (Romania) find abandoned puppies in front of the animal shelter. Now some people will say: At least in front of the shelter, where they are sure to be found. But: 1. there are free-roaming dogs there too, who are not exactly squeamish about intruders in their territory (so there is an acute danger to life) and 2. it is of course clear that the little ones cannot stay there and therefore have to be taken in - regardless of the shelter's spatial capacities. This can quickly push a shelter to its limits. 3. the mother dog will probably soon give birth to the next unwanted puppies if she is not neutered.
But yes, even these three little puppies will find a place somewhere with us where they can recover and regain their strength. At the moment they are still very shy and scream with fear when you try to touch them.
With their initial sponsorship in the form of a one-off donation of CHF 100, the godparents help to cover the initial costs for the three puppies.
The little ones will be examined, dewormed, vaccinated and tested for viral diseases at our animal orphan hospital.They also receive a health passport.We also cover part of the food costs in the early days.
As a thank you for your good deed, you will receive a nice certificate and can also choose a suitable name for "your" puppy.
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All 3 puppies have received a starting sponsorship
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